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Showcase Website

Experience unparalleled digital excellence with our “Premium Pack.” Elevate your brand with a personalized, interactive website featuring 25 web pages, motion design video, and multi-language translation. Engage your audience with fast-loading animated photos, interactive forms, and customer feedback integration. Benefit from technical maintenance and advanced applications for seamless operations.

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Introducing our “Premium Pack” – Elevate Your Digital Presence:

Unlock the full potential of your business with our feature-rich “Premium Pack.” This all-inclusive package offers an immersive and captivating online experience to propel your brand to new heights.

Key Features of the Premium Pack:

  1. Installation and Configuration of the CMS: Our experts handle all technical aspects, ensuring a seamless content management system setup.
  2. Hosting + Domain Name: Enjoy reliable hosting and a domain name that perfectly complements your brand identity.
  3. Personalized Interactive and Responsive Design: Engage audiences across all devices with a visually stunning and user-friendly design.
  4. 25 Web Pages for Comprehensive Descriptions: Showcase your business’s essence and offerings with up to 25 descriptive web pages.
  5. 100 Email Addresses: Enhance communication and professionalism with a generous allocation of personalized email addresses.
  6. Translation Services (3 Languages): Expand your global reach with expert translation services in three languages.
  7. User-Friendly Administration System: Easily manage content and updates through our intuitive administration system.
  8. SEO Site Optimization: Boost your online visibility and search engine rankings with advanced SEO optimization.
  9. Content Management Training: Empower your team with comprehensive training on efficient content management.
  10. Fast Loading Animated Photos: Captivate visitors with high-impact, fast-loading animated visuals.
  11. Quick Contact Button (Sticky): Enhance user experience with a convenient and always-accessible contact button.
  12. Interactive Forms: Engage visitors and capture leads with multiple interactive forms, including contact and newsletter options.
  13. Customer Feedback Integration: Showcase five customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.
  14. Technical Maintenance (6 months): Enjoy uninterrupted performance with our dedicated technical support.
  15. Blog Page (4 Posts): Share valuable insights and news with a dedicated blog page to keep your audience engaged.
  16. Motion Design Video (1min): Elevate your brand story with a captivating one-minute motion design video.
  17. Site Backup: Rest easy with regular backups ensuring data security and peace of mind.
  18. Mega Menu (About / Services): Enhance site navigation and user experience with an intuitive mega menu.
  19. Additional Applications: Access advanced applications, including Enterprise Management (ERP), Learning Management System (LMS), and Rendez-vous PRO, for seamless operations.

The Premium Pack is your gateway to an extraordinary digital journey, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and setting new standards for success.

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