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Experience digital excellence with our “Business Pack” for showcase websites. Benefit from seamless CMS installation, personalized designs for every device, and 10 informative web pages describing your company. Engage a wider audience with translations in two languages, interactive elements, and fast-loading animated photos. Stay connected with 10 email addresses, contact forms, and a sticky quick response button. We offer technical maintenance for 6 months, ensuring your site runs smoothly. Plus, boost engagement with a blog page featuring four captivating posts. Achieve your online vision with confidence and impact.

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Introducing our “Business Pack” – Unleash Your Online Potential:

Step into the spotlight with our comprehensive “Business Pack.” This package offers the perfect blend of cutting-edge features and user-friendly design, tailored to elevate your business to new heights.

Key Features of the Business Pack:

  1. Installation and Configuration of the CMS: Enjoy a hassle-free setup of the content management system.
  2. Hosting + Domain Name: Experience reliable hosting and a domain name that perfectly represents your brand.
  3. Personalized Interactive and Responsive Design: Engage audiences across all devices with a visually captivating and user-friendly design.
  4. 10 Web Pages for Comprehensive Descriptions: Showcase your company with up to 10 detailed web pages.
  5. 10 Email Addresses: Enhance professionalism with 10 personalized email addresses.
  6. Translation Services (2 Languages): Expand your reach with expert translation in two languages.
  7. User-Friendly Administration System: Effortlessly manage content with our intuitive administration system.
  8. SEO Site Optimization: Boost your online visibility and rankings with advanced SEO optimization.
  9. Content Management Training: Empower your team with training on efficient content management.
  10. Fast Loading Animated Photos: Captivate visitors with visually stunning, fast-loading animated images.
  11. Quick Contact Button (Sticky): Enhance user experience with a convenient, always-accessible contact button.
  12. Interactive Forms: Engage your audience and capture leads with interactive contact and newsletter forms.
  13. Customer Feedback Integration: Showcase three customer feedback testimonials for added credibility.
  14. Technical Maintenance (6 months): Enjoy seamless performance with our dedicated technical support.
  15. Blog Page (4 Posts): Share valuable insights and news with a dedicated blog page.

The Business Pack is your gateway to a successful online presence, empowering your brand with a powerful and engaging website.

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