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Social Media

Step up your social media game with our Premium Pack! Get expertly managed accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Enjoy 10 engaging posts and 2 captivating motion design videos per week. Quarterly statistical reporting keeps you on track. Elevate your brand’s presence and engagement now!

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Welcome to our exclusive “Premium Pack” for Social Media, a comprehensive solution to elevate your brand’s digital presence and engage your audience like never before. This quarterly subscription includes:

  • Creation and configuration of accounts: Our expert team sets up and optimizes your social media accounts for a seamless presence.
  • Creation of the editorial charter: We craft a strategic editorial charter, ensuring consistency and resonance with your brand’s message.
  • 3 social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube): Expand your reach across the most prominent social platforms, connecting with your target audience.
  • 10 posts per week: Stay active and relevant with 10 high-quality and engaging posts per week, capturing your audience’s attention.
  • 2 motion design videos per week: Enchant your followers with captivating motion design videos, delivering your message in an impactful way.
  • Quarterly statistical reporting: Stay informed with detailed reports showcasing your social media performance, allowing you to track growth and success.

Experience unparalleled social media success with our Premium Pack. Let us help you build strong connections, drive meaningful engagement, and achieve your business goals. Harness the full potential of social media and maximize your brand’s influence.

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