Pack : Community Management and Social Strategy

To help you be visible on social networks

STEP TO BEGIN recognizes the significance of this and specializes in creating precise and tailored communication strategies for social networks. Our expertise will help you captivate your audience and maximize the impact of your social media presence.

social media essential pack 1 STEP TO BEGIN


400£GB /mo (VAT not Included)


Creation, configuration of accounts.
2 Social media platforms
3 creative posts per week
Content Creation
1 Campaign ads per week
Annual statistical reporting
social media busienss pack STEP TO BEGIN


600£GB /mo (VAT not Included)


Creation, configuration of accounts.
3 Social media platforms
6 Creative Posts per week
Content creation
1 video motion design (30s) per week
2 Campaign ads per week
Quarterly statistical reporting
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900£GB /mo (VAT not Included)


Creation, configuration of accounts.
3 social media platforms
10 creative posts per week
Content creation
2 videos motion design (30s) per week
4 Campaign ads per week
Quarterly statistical reporting
Creation, configuration of accounts.

Detailed Professional Setup

Subscription Duration

The results are visible after at least three months.

Creation of the editorial charter

Unique compatible design.

Choice of digital media

The more social networks there are, the more working hours there are.

FB + IN + LK
FB + IN + LK
Number of posts per week

Attractive custom designs.

Video per week

Typographic video + Presentation of the idea

1 Video
2 Videos
Animation of the community

Easy moderation

Social media sponsorship per week

Sponsorship on Facebook Instagram

Statistical reporting

Traffic Analytics


Our Social Media Pack is designed for any company in Tours that is looking to establish a strong presence on social networks and is ready to engage in a fruitful collaboration. It is a commitment that requires the active involvement of your teams, collaboration with us to create the best content, and regular updates from your end.

Rest assured, we handle all aspects of social media management. We provide content proposals, follow up with emails and phone calls, implement solutions for content exchange, and provide schedules to streamline the validation process for your publications.

To ensure outstanding performance and a constant stream of fresh ideas, each of our social media accounts is managed by a dedicated pair consisting of a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager. The Community Manager serves as your primary point of contact, managing daily activities, while the Social Media Manager is responsible for maintaining the account, implementing and monitoring the strategy, and tracking advertising results.

With our Social Media Pack, you can confidently navigate the social media landscape, drive engagement, and achieve exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 frequently asked questions about our social media advertising packages

1. Do I have to sign a contract with my social media advertising agency?
No. Step to Begin is a web marketing agency dedicated to; performance: we do not require any signed contract; of our customers. According to our principles, the results and the achievement of growth objectives remain the best guarantee of trust between a social media agency and its clients.
3. Do I have access to my social media advertising agency's management tool?
Yes. Transparency is one of Step to begin's core values. This is why we share our internal management tool with our customers. You can access your social media expert's task list whenever you want, and check the progress of your mandate yourself, without having to send any emails to anyone. You thus have a clear and global vision of the actions carried out, in progress, and to come.
2. What control do I have over my intellectual property?
Total. You have access to all your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and statistics. You can thus consult the data and results of your advertising campaigns in real time, at the same time as your expert. As soon as you wish to put an end to your collaboration with Step to begin, all of your intellectual property is automatically returned to you.
4. What does an automatic monthly report include?
A monthly report giving you an overview of the results of your campaigns is included in the social media advertising price. Thanks to its key indicators and its clear graphs (cost per click, conversion rate, impressions), this report allows you to have a precise and current vision of the performance of your social media advertising.
5. How do I pay for my social media advertising package?
We accept credit cards, debit cards. Your invoices are payable on receipt.